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How To Make Your Employees Trust Computer Monitoring Software

spytector monitoring software keylogger

spytector monitoring software keylogger

Computer monitoring software (also known as “keylogger”) is often installed in office systems to protect the company’s computer network from online threats and to monitor the computer usage of employees as well. For that reason, it is also called an employee monitoring software.

These types of software are highly effective in workplaces, especially in today’s technologically-advanced age. Businesses are now relying more than ever on computer networks and databases to store their priceless data, as well as to communicate both internally and externally. Without proper handling and management of these data, companies may be subjected to a lot of risks (such as internet hackers and computer viruses), experience a lot of problems (including internal saboteurs and unwanted exposure of confidential data), and, worst of all, cease to exist in the long run if left uncontrolled.

This goes on to say that finding the ideal computer monitoring software is crucial for any kind of business. Whether you’re running a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large multinational corporation, protecting your business’ IT aspect is clearly a must.

Not Everyone is Amenable

However, not all employees are amenable with the idea that someone is monitoring their computer usage in the workplace. They think that this kind of method is against their right for privacy. This stems from the lack of awareness on the necessity of having to protect the data, computers, devices, and other resources of the company from both internal and external threats.

As a matter of fact, the risk of employee dissatisfaction is exactly one of the most worrying disadvantages of implementing employee monitoring software. It is the main reason why a lot of business owners are having second thoughts about installing keyloggers in their organizations despite the many studies that substantiate its benefits.

Some people claim that offices with computer monitoring systems in place suffer from an increased level of stress among employees. Tasks were said to be done half-heartedly or hastily or were finished just for the sake of completing it without putting much thought into it. These claims may have been made by those who have an underlying motive in utilizing company resources for private gain. Fortunately, official studies have time and again proved these claims to be false.

How to Make Your Employees Trust Computer Monitoring Software

Responsibly orient your staff of the implementation of monitoring software before you even install it in your system.

Nothing destroys trust in a relationship more than keeping something a secret, particularly when it is not worthy of being kept confidential at all. If you want your employees to trust you, and at the same time trust the system as well, then you have to keep them aware of your plans, especially when it involves them.

In a survey conducted by (developers of Spytector) last year, a whopping 73% of their respondents said that they do not mind being monitored at work and they actually think that it is helpful for the company in the long run. Furthermore, it was revealed in the same survey that if employees are made aware of this policy or implementation, 55% of them would immediately begin to use company computers for official work only.

Disclose and explain to your staff the motives behind your consideration in implementing the computer monitoring software. People can actually understand employee monitoring if they are well-informed of the reasons why it has to be implemented in the first place.

Being honest and transparent goes a long way in having a more harmonious atmosphere within an organization. As a business owner, you want nothing more than that. Because when your employees are working well and in good terms with your team leaders, it will translate into better overall performance for your business, which will ultimately result in increased profits.

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