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UpRight Wearable Posture Tracker

Upright Posture Tracker

Upright Posture Tracker

UpRight Wearable  – Product Review

Everyone on this planet has at least once in their lifetime groaned and moaned due to the pangs of back pain. Approximately 80 percent of grown up adults have dealt with nightmarish back pain episodes which have prevented them from reporting to work and these back pains are quite overwhelmingly the leading factor why many people miss work. The person suffers from debilitating and often crippling symptoms which can be anywhere from a dull ache to sharp, shooting pains. While the majority of back pain episodes are precipitated by lifting heavy objects or accidents, sedentary lifestyles too can cause these niggling back spasms. With regard to sedentary lifestyles, i.e. folks who sit on their chairs gawking at their computers all the day/night long, there is a wearable that guarantees improved back posture, thereby getting rid of back pain from a mechanical point of view. The name of the wearable is UpRight.

Here are some of the features of UpRight that are simply innovative and outstanding:

About UpRight

It is an exquisite and exceptional wearable that keeps a tab on your posture habits. The nifty gadget is attached to your lower back and if for some reason, you happen to bend/slouch, the device vibrates gently nudging you to straighten your spine promptly. It thus acts like your personal trainer with the emphasis on your back while you sit or stand. If you train with UpRight for just 60 minutes a day, you will get accustomed to keep your spine straight whether you are sitting down or standing up, only within 3 weeks!

Attaching UpRight

With the help of hypoallergenic adhesives, UpRight can be safely attached to the lower part of your back. Hypoallergenic adhesives are nothing but tapes that hold firmly onto dressing materials, skin, etc so that they can be easily extracted without damaging the underlying skin. UpRight firmly holds one end of loop (Velcro) and you will be provided with 60 stickers that hold onto the other end of the loop (Velcro). This arrangement allows the gadget/device to be safely attached to the lower portion of your back and it can be removed without any hassle or trouble.


UpRight Stickers

UpRight stickers are fabricated/produced with the strongest version of 3M glue specifically meant for human skin. In fact, the stickers are nothing but medical tape which are tested to be 100% safe for all types of skin. It is highly recommended that a fresh sticker is used everyday. Once you buy the UpRight device, you will be supplied with 60 stickers, which the company claims is more than sufficient for your training program. In case, you run out of stickers, you can always order a refill from the UpRight website.

UpRight App

The UpRight mobile app offers access to a personalized training program. The smart program has the distinct ability to guide and counsel you during the training period. It also celebrates your milestones, thus motivating and inspiring you to persist with the program. The app provides a simple yet an effective formula for anyone to keep a tab on their postural habits and track progress in a scientific way. The UpRight app is available for devices powered by both Android and iOS operating systems.

Using UpRight Without The App

For those who don’t want to use the app for whatever reason, UpRight can be used without downloading/installing the app as well. In fact, the ‘brain’ of this nifty gizmo lies within the gadget itself eliminating the need to install the app and thus paving the way for effective offline usage. Technically, the main purpose of the app is just to enable effective communication between you and the device when it is mounted on your lower back.

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