Latest Tips for Online Web Design Projects


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Latest Tips for Online Web Design Projects

The concept and creativity to design a website is constantly changing and growing with the time. Every skilled and highly professional web designer has some secret of website designing. Creating an impressive, eye catching and perfect website for your clients is a daunting task and goes far beyond developing a wonderful website, content-rich site. Just by having some key factors in mind, a website designer can make a good impression of designing work in front of clients and visitors as well. Below, we’ve asked to the team at appendTo to explain some useful tips to create an awesome website in order to impress a project clients.

Important Considerations

The following tips will help front end developers to create an awesome website for their clients:

  1. Targeted market and audience: A well-planned research is the foundation of any graphic design project and website design is no different. Getting the deep knowledge about your targeted market will give you a better understanding of industry trends. It’ll help you to manage the content, graphics, design, media content and other elements of your website.
  2. Keep it simple and creative: You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression impact on clients. Design a website with a simple and clear navigation structure which is clearly visible to visitor wherever visitor decided to go. Use the homepage as a portal to other sections of your website.
  3. Balance of creativity: Here designer must balance the art and science on website properly. Using an efficient structured grid will help a designer to control consistency and order of elements. Break out this consistency with well-arranged text, images and testimonials content on your website wisely – make the website attractive and beautiful to look at.
  4. Visitors on priority: Consider your website visitors on highest priority and make them feel that their time visiting at your website has been well utilized by making information easy to navigate. The same grid system will help here to and allow visitors to find information easily.
  5. Ensure It’s easy to understand: A website visitor hardly spend a long time on any website so a designers must ensure that it is easy to understand their website. One can use shorter sentences, differentiate sections with different colors, larger fonts as per requirement and also efficient use of white spaces.
  6. Degrade gracefully: Keep in mind that not everyone has the fastest broadband connection and has the latest configuration computer system, so make sure your code is as efficient as possible. It should not take more time to load your website in slower systems and so HTML code needs to degrade gracefully.
  7. Consider usability: At the end of all if a website isn’t usable for it’s visitors then they’ll be off as quick as mouse click. Have a list of requirements considering your visitors in mind and achieve all those things wisely. Test your website early and throughout the process test again and again.

These are some tips that can be used by front-end developers to create an impressive website and impress your client as well. Have fun!

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