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Apple Offers Free iPhone 5 Battery Replacement



Apple is putting forth free battery substitution to choose iphone 5 holders under the iphone 5 battery substitution system presented on Friday.

Apple says it has confirmed that a “little rate” of iphone 5 (Pictures) units might all of a sudden experience shorter battery life or need to be charged all the more often. The organization includes that the influenced iphone 5 gadgets were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and fall inside a constrained serial number range.

In the event that your iphone 5 “is encountering these side effects and meets the qualification prerequisites”, Apple says it will supplant your iphone 5’s battery, gratis.

The system opened to clients in US and China on Friday, August 22, and will be accessible in different nations from next Friday (August 29).

To check whether your iphone 5 is qualified, visit the iphone 5 battery substitution system page on Apple’s site and enter your serial number in the content box and click Submit. Apple will immediately let you know whether you are qualified for a free battery substitution. On the off chance that you don’t know how to discover the serial number of your iphone, click here.

Regardless of the fact that you’ve purchased your iphone 5 outside the time window indicated by Apple, it is worth entering your serial number to check whether your unit is qualified as once in a while there could be a distinction between the time Apple dispatched the unit and when it was obtained by the end client, particularly in the event that its a resale or repaired unit.

Apple has posted other data like where to get your iphone for battery substitution in the event that it is qualified, and guidelines on the most proficient method to reinforcement your information before doing that. Look at the project page on Apple’s site for whatever is left of the points of interest.

Recently, Apple had propelled a slumber/ wake catch substitution program for select iphone 5 units.

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